Our lightweight cleansing oil gently removes dirt, makeup, sunscreen, and impurities, while leaving the skin soft, supple, and replenished. Non stripping it is adapted to all skin types. It rebalances the oily skins and replenishes the dry ones. Especially beneficial to reactive/sensitive skins.  

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Customer Reviews

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Best cleanser ever!

I love the way my skin feels after using it! I don’t feel the need to use lotion post cleansing anymore. It has a very subtle scent.
The gentleman in the shop said to add the cleanser onto a dry face and then add a bit of water to wash the Make-up off. It worked like a charm!

K Woodbury
Literally my favorite product!

I was a little reluctant to use the cleansing oil at first, as I had always used a cream-style cleanser and was used to that type of product. However, the Hexeh cleansing oil has become my all-time favorite product. I have older skin and this stuff makes my face feel wonderful. It has never clogged my pores, nor has it bothered my sensitive skin in any way. It smells very clean and fresh and even gently removes my mascara. I no longer use a separate product for that. I will use this product for the rest of my days!

Liana G Lund

I’m not too impressed with the cleansing oil but I really like the Avacado oil cream lotion. It’s so soothing on my skin and has improved the appearance of my facial wrinkles.

Holly Carlson
Great Product!

I love this cleansing oil! It works great, it's fairly gentle so I feel like I do have to send a little more time rubbing it on my face to give it the time it needs to really break down and remove the makeup. But it's totally worth it because I know that it is made with clean and ethically sourced ingredients that are great for my skin!!