Oud, in its rawest form, is a rare and very fragrant dark resin produced by the Agar tree in response to a certain type of mold overgrowth in Southeast Asia. Oud is musky, deliciously seductive, and not surprisingly – one of our top selling fragrances. Our OUD N˚1 is a complex mélange of bergamot, sage, spice accord, amber, cedar-wood, sandalwood, and musk. Discreet yet elegant in their 2oz apothecary jar they are travel-friendly and you can bring them just about anywhere. Small but mighty, they deliver 430+ pumps of our most popular fragrances! You can spray them pretty much everywhere you like... On sheets, linen, dog bed, in cars, in closets, on the AC air filter… the list is long.    

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Customer Reviews

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Judy Mcalpin
Love OUD N1

Love this fragrance . Please never discontinue☺️

Kim Killingsworth
OUD No1 spray

I love this scent! The room/linen spray is so concentrated that only 1 pump squirt is necessary over my bed for it to linger well after I am asleep.

Sultan Alsanie
10 an all aspects!

The product smells really good and is very similar to real oud. The customer service is also exceptional, after mine didn’t arrive, they were very happy to send another for free!!

Steven Staszower
Great scent


Miranda Rindlisbacher
So. Good.

So I know this is supposed to be a room spray, but I’ve been using as perfume. I can use way less then I normally would and the scent lasts all day, which is great because it smells amazing!

Shipping was lightening fast, and everything was so carefully packaged. Thank you!